links for 2010-08-12

  • Voice Search wouldn't install from market because I was using Fabolos' skinned BB 0.4 which had the app in System/app. I couldn't uninstall the app from the Applications menu.

    What worked for me:
    1) Use Terminal Emulator
    (type all things below inside quotes but WITHOUT typing the quotes)
    2) type "cd /system/app"
    3) type "su" and accept the superuser popup
    4) type "sys -rw" – should say something from Pete.
    5) type "mv VoiceSearch.apk VoiceSearch.apk.old" (CASE SENSITIVE)
    6) type "sys -ro"
    7) Reboot the phone
    8) Install Voice Search from market – install successful!

    If ChromeToPhone is the issue you're trying to fix, just change step 5 to a rename of the chrometophone-whatever.apk (type "ls c*" to see what it's called)


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